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Intercom Installation and Repair is important in New York City. In big buildings a intercom communicator is needed to know who is ringing your door. Without a intercom it would be difficult to get down the stairs or wait for a elevator to see who is at the door. Many traditional system have just audio only. They give you the ability for RING, TALK, LISTEN, and DOOR release. A typical audio only intercom is shown here below with the white plastic box:


Plastic tradtional intercom box
  • Comelit Intercoms

    Comelit Intercoms

    Sleek Stylish and affordable intercoms
  • Aiphone IP Intercom

    Aiphone IP Intercom

    IP based phone intercom
  • Video Doorbell

    Video Doorbell

    Slim video Door bell
Comelit Intercom
Intercom Repair and Installation

Can I upgrade my intercom installation to a video intercom?

Yes you can!

Most typical wiring of old traditional intercom systems allow installers to upgrade your existing system to a more modern video intercom. Installing a modern sleek looking intercom can allow you to see video of who is at your door. This in turn will give you increased security and convenience. There fore you can see the person before you answer the door. As a result if you don’t want to let that annoying guest know you are home then you simply dont have to answer the door. You can also talk to the person such as a mail man and tell him to leave the package in the hall. Then you can release the door all with the push of a button. This is when you realize convenience and technology are priceless.

Shown here below is a more modern Video Intercom by Comelit:

comelit video intercom installation


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