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Be code compliant and ADA Accessible.

Automatic door Bollard post push button


3 Types of Automatic Doors


Automatic Doors come in different types as shown here below.



  • Automatic swinging doors

automatic swing door operator by ditec

  • Automatic folding doors

automatic folding door


  • Automatic sliding doors

clear anodized sliding door picture


5 Reasons to Install an Automatic door

  • Convenience

Unlike manual doors, an automatic door entrance provides ALL customers with the ultimate ease of use. They allow elderly and handicap individuals or those with children in tow accessibility without having to push or pull the door. Therefore leveraging these modern hands- free technology shows everyone that passes through the entryway that you care about your customers and their convenience.  

  • Safety

With Billions of automatic door opening and closings every year, Automatic doors hold an exceptional safety record. When properly installed by professional certified technicians, they can remain safe when inspected regularly. ANSI A156.10 set the standards for installation, safety, and sensing devices for automatic pedestrian doors. This, in turn, ensures you have a safe door

  • Energy Savings

When you install an automatic door you will save energy. These doors effectively reduce wasted energy and can significantly reduce your heating and energy costs. Automatic doors open when a user pushes a button or a sensor has detected their presence. Therefore once a person enters the open door, the door will automatically close and there is no need to worry that the door was left open. Thus making sure the energy in the building is conserved.

  • ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act guarantees that handicapped individuals are properly served. This means they should be able to pass through any entrance with as much ease as possible. Automatic entryways welcome everyone, regardless of their physical capabilities. As a result elderly and handicap individuals benefit greatly with an automatic entrance opening. This also ensures that everyone has easy access.

  • Modernization

The attractiveness of automatic doors makes an establishment more welcoming. While also helping in looking sleek, automatic doors make a place feel modern giving customers the impression that the business cares about its visitors. Therefore customers get the impression that the business is modern and high tech. 

Automatic Handicap Bathroom Door

Lock a Handicap Bathroom Door with the push of a button.

ADA bathroom button and lock

Automatic Doors forHandicap Disabled Access

Automatic Doors and ADA Accessibility Access for Bathroom Doors

Installing an automatic door for a handicap bathroom is essential for providing ease of access for customers and disabled as well. As seen in our photo above is another way of creating ease of access. With the push of a button (shown by the green button above), a person can lock the door without having to look for the thumb-turn on a traditional lock. In addition, the button provides an easy and convenient way to lock the door as its easy on the wrists. The cool thing about this door is when the inside activation button shown on the bottom is pressed the door automatically unlocks and the green button is no longer lit. This kit shown here above is called a BEA restroom kit which we can install for our customers.


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Here seen below in this Video is a Demonstration of a LOW ENERGY push mount operator. The model of this operator is the LCN SENIOR SWING on a push mount door with a card reader system and a exit device. The door provides convienence and ease of use. As a result the door opens automatically with the push of a button.



Why Choose US?

We are AAADM certified company making sure pedestrian doors meet the proper ANSI codes.  This ensures the safety of pedestrian traffic entering an automatic door. We can install monitored safety sensors that meet the updated new revision. As a result, this ensures your door is safe are compliant. For more information check out the AAADM website site here: